South East Paranormal Investigators Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting our clients with anything
"paranormal". The majority of our cases focus on families and residential locations, Although we also investigate any other type of
location. We do NOT charge for our services to clients or members. SEPIA is based out of the Jacksonville, NC area with offices in
Georgia, Tri-State Area, and Pennsylvania with other locations coming soon. SEPIA if necessary, is willing to travel anywhere we are
able to get to.
With the main focus being residential cases, we hold confidentiality to the utmost of importance. We are hear to listen, not to judge, and
to give our clients a place to turn if they need someone to talk to or help. The paranormal is a shared passion among our team members
and that is our sole motivation to devote our time to helping.
We pride SEPIA for the diversity of it's team members. Many team members come from different religious, cultural and paranormal
backgrounds. We have skeptics, believers and many who are in between. Yet, they all share a common respect for each other's
SEPIA believes in "Paranormal Unity". Although we have our own opinions and techniques when it comes to investigating & researching
the paranormal, we are also open-minded and realize that there is no "SET" way to do things. We fully support working together with
other teams to help further the field as a whole. As we see it, the paranormal is NOT an official science and, therefore, does not follow a
specific procedure. If different teams use different methods, a broader reach is created in order to (hopefully) find the most effective
one for the field. What works in one location may not work in another, and one technique could limit the results because of this. We do
not view other groups as competition, rather, as a family working to achieve a common goal.
First and foremost, SEPIA exists to help clients with paranormal events. Whether it is to conduct an investigation or simply to lend an ear
to listen, we strive to ease the minds of anyone who is afraid, concerned or just plain curious. We are committed to assisting our clients
before, during and after an investigation. We are dedicated to protecting a client's confidentiality and will only share information or
evidence with written consent. SEPIA and it's members shall, at NO time, represent themselves as spiritual cleansers or exorcists! In the
event that one should become necessary or requested, we shall do our best to place the client in contact with an appropriate clergy
member or other reasonable source for assistance. All investigations, interviews and assistance shall be conducted free of charge; we
will never ask our clients for money.