Bayview Cemetery
Below are some pictures that stood out from the last trip to Bayview
Cemetery. In these photos no one in the surrounding area was
smoking and there wasn't a fog in that night.Bayview is where we
got a lot of prior evidence of mist and fogs.
At first we thought we might have something in this picture above, but upon going over
evidence we learned that the investigator that took this photo had made a camera
adjustment to lens lighting. Even though nothing is there we still wanted to share this
neat picture with you.
Ok this is going to be the photo of controversy. Some of us gather what seems to be a
figure coming up from the lefthand corner of this pic, we seem to see the face and
outlined body of someone looking upward. We've had the picture read and the reading
produced the results of someone holding up a baby boy that was in a car crash. This
photo will be sent to many people and experts to see what we can conclude from it. But
If anything this shall forever be a great conversation picture.
Where did this mist/fog come from??? As stated before no one was smoking in the
area and there wasn't a mist or fog out that night.
Not sure what this is in the bottom right hand corner of this photo.....