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one hour of music you probably haven't heard before... music that liberates the spirit and enriches the soul!
Since the dawn of time the Universe has unfolded with and through vibration; tones and rhythms. In the most
ancient cultures man sought expression by attuning himself to the fundamental beat of Universal
consciousness. Percussion, syncopation, hollow reeds, plucking strings and vocalizations are inimical to the
human experience. And, in the midst of the most primal musical expression, mankind realized something was
happening to his emotional state and his consciousness... his very being; he began to attain altered states of
consciousness: Enlightened Consciousness!

Now, in the 21st Century, music is being realized as the common language, a language of human emotion and
expression. Sacred music has the power to heal and align us, to inspire us to enter into a greater experience of
life and identity... to transcend nationalism and religion and economics as we enter the greater community of
humankind. Music brings us back to the core of our being and the recognition that all Life is One. Awakening to
Light is a program about this process... the process of listening and becoming one with the music: one with the
Earth, the Cosmos and the Divine. Onefeather invites you to join him in search of sacred music from cultures
around the planet and across the vast expanse of time... both modern and ancient.

Tune in on your computer Mondays at
10 PM Eastern, 7 Pacific for an hour of uplifting music!

Awakening to Light’s web community is at:

Onefeather is also the host on FATE Radio! Check it out at: http://fateradio.ning.com/
His video creations are located on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/wonefeather
SIN JONES, cultus extraordinaire and proprietor of The Poison Apple, a conduit in which she imposes
upon the voyeur, her Sintristic methodology of refinement. Writer, artist, occultist, cultist, and Satanic
madwoman; her cult of SIN is unavoidable. It is a chaos agent unto itself where she acts as culture
corrector to cultivate an ideal environment for reaping personal fulfillment and exceeding the
limitations of humanity; for Satan is the poetry of the world and nature is its church. SIN JONES is
lurking in the tree of knowledge, tempting thee to eat of her fruit. A mere taste will rob you of your
contentment, and provoke you into your own becoming.
Contributor of the Trickster’s Bible an on-going work by artists who have a personal interest in shaking
humanity out of its slumber and reveling against the oppressive and subjugating system of nature. It is
a drop in the sacred well, a battle-cry in the Art war, and SIN JONES is among the infantry marching
through its gardens. This civilization has robbed man of his senses; he no longer hears the blistering
sounds of the universe crying out to liberate him from his slavery. Her methods are forceful, imposing
and adversarial to your complacency. Brick by brick, she will disrupt your architecture; tear asunder
your personal reality to enact change and actualization in the spirit of her cause.
The Cult of SIN, you’ll never come out…The way you went in.
Items hand-crafted are one-of-a-kind, commissioned pieces are my forte, if you can imagine it...I can
make it. Send your requests to: