Morehead City
Cemetery Pictures
This is a picture of right before the next couple of pictures, the next couple of
pictures where taken within seconds after this picture and the camera was
checked for condensation and dust on the lens, neither which existed.
Strange misty type of aura around Jess.
Same misty aura type of fog was again the lens was checked for condensation and dust and
these where taken within seconds of each other.
Also take into consideration this was a clear night and no rain had fallen and there was no fog
and like i said before the lens was checked for condensation and dust. The pictures all above
where taken within 15 seconds total from the first picture posted above and the next picture to
follow is within 3 seconds of this picture, you decide what was going on.
Taken about 15 to 20 seconds after the first picture on the page and the photos above where
the ones taken in between this time frame.
In the picture above if you look in the upper left hand corner you'll see what looks like a type
of mist, unsure of what this was, but there was no dust on the lens, no condensation and no
one was smoking while the picture was taken. Also this was something that we didn't see with
our eyes and only showed up on the camera.
After taking the last picture and seeing the mist like substance in the display screen we
turned in that direction and snapped other shot this is what we came up with. Once again the
lens had been checked and no one was smoking and this couldn't be seen by us out there
only showed up on the camera. (looks like a type of mist towards the upper right.
What appears to be some type of mist form to the left hand side of the picture. No one was
smoking and the lens was clear of any type of disturbance.
Taken within 4 seconds after the last picture everything is clear and there is no sign of
This IS NOT a paranormal image, this is just what i thought was a neat shot of what I thought
was cool, and shows how lights in the background can come up as looking like something
their not. Yes it looks like to green eyes looking at you from the dark, but it's to lights off in the
distance, still a neat picture in my opinion, but makes you realize you always need to be aware
of your surroundings and what's in the background and foreground of the pictures you're
We don't really believe in orbs, and we're not sure if this could actually be one, or if it's just
dust. None the same this pic and the next pic are the only 2 pictures out of the hundreds that
we took that this appeared in. Could this be dust, maybe, maybe not. The thing about this is
the it's see through, and the lens was clear of any debris and condensation. The next picture
was taken a couple of seconds after this one. You be the judge.
This picture was taken a couple of seconds after the last one and the orb looking thing
appears in this one but off to the left and now with what seems to be a mist in the area of the
photo. You be the judge of what you think this may or may not be...